Saturday, 27 January 2018

Effect of Climatic Change in 2018

We all know Global Warming is substantially affecting our environment and is degrading it at a very rapid pace. It is essentially required to take strict and precautionary steps which can result in reduction to the corresponding effect on the environment. Various methods are developed to reduce the climatic change but the means causing it is substantially higher than the means reducing it.

Increasing use of various vehicles and also increasing the number of the industry is resulting in an increasing number of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere. It is thereby resulting in an increase in the overall temperature of the environment which is further resulting in global warming. This rise in temperature is further leading to some of the chain events in the atmosphere which are detrimental.
Effects of Climatic Change
With the advent of increasing quantity of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere, the infrared rays which are entering the earth’s atmosphere are tending to remain in the atmosphere itself. It is further leading to the overall rise in temperature of the complete globe which is termed as global warming. This brings down some of the chain events with it leading to many issues with mankind.
As the temperature of the environment rises it will further increase the water holding capacity of the atmosphere. It will lead to reducing storms in various locations which were previously experiencing them. Even the storms which will be experienced will be more intense than the previous ones which might lead to great amount of destruction in those locations.
Even the overall climatic changed conditions might increase the temperature thereby resulting in hotter conditions as compared to the year of 2017. It will even lead to a reduction in the rainfall in various regions. Even the regions which will experience rainfall will experience extreme rain which will lead to a flood in those regions.
Techniques to Deal with the Climatic Change
It is extremely difficult to reverse back the climate which we have changed due to the increasing amount of pollution. Even currently the rate at which pollution is taking place is very high as compared to what is removed back. This makes it necessary that people go for eco-friendly ways of utilizing vehicles or industries which can lead to a reduction in the pollution.
Currently we can plant more trees which can absorb these greenhouse gases, but still, this is not a permanent solution. This has lead to the development of equipment which can absorb these gases from the atmosphere. This equipment is capable of absorbing these gases but they are slow as compared to the rate at which pollution is taking place in today’s time.
Even the industries and vehicles which are causing pollutions can use equipment which can absorb these greenhouses gases before those pollutants are released into the atmosphere. Absorbing the gases will result in the reduction in overall gases in the atmosphere which can be effectively controlled by the ways which are developed for absorbing them. A suitable mechanism should be devised which can dispose of these greenhouse gases in form of carbon by means of converting back to carbon.

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