Saturday, 27 January 2018

Effect of cyber threats over current society

Computers have become an integral part of everyone’s life. We use computers in each and every task we perform in order to simplify our task and thereby make our life simpler. Even the advent of the internet has substantially improved our way of living. The internet brings any information which we require at our fingertips thereby making our life simpler and even complicated too.

As all the information is made accessible to each and every individual, piracy has crept in which is a great cyber threat to the original content or the product which is produced. Even it leads to any of the normal individual getting access to information which they should not suppose to be known. It leads to increased number of loopholes in the system which is further leading to cyber threats.
Likely impact of cyber threats on the society
Cyber threats are having a substantial impact on the society. Its impact is being dependent on how people are perceiving the same. Increasing number of such attacks will further lead to fear in the minds of the individuals who are accessing the internet. There are some of the likely impacts which might be caused due to the cyber threats which are posing up.
1.     Attacks on Banks: As many of the banks are now being targeted there is a great risk of the money and property which one keeps with the banks. Even the database of the banks is now being targeted which might result in a very high amount of data breach from the same. It thereby requires having a good security feature enabled at the banks which can keep the money and data of the people secure enough.
2.     Credit Card Theft: We all use credit cards for purchasing anything. When we are using the same there are great chances of theft likely to take place from the same. It is thereby required that Credit Card is utilized with caution which can avoid such kind of thefts and provide the desired level of security to the users of the same.
3.     Healthcare: Even the increasing amount of data breaches are affecting the healthcare sector. With more amount of the data getting digitized it is required that the required amount of security is ensured for the same. Even with that effect is likely to creep in over the insurers who are providing the required level of security to the individuals who are willing to improve their healthcare facility in future.
4.     Malware Threat: Malware is a very dangerous thing which is resulting in the theft of data from the targeted computers. If malware is installed in any of the PC it might result in data being leaked constantly from those PCs and thereby resulting in loss of information or even leading to the misuse of the information by them.
5.     Internet of Things: This is posing a big threat in today’s time as each and everything is going to be connected centrally to the server by use of the internet. It poses a big risk as if one server is posed with a threat it would lead to the treat to all of the components which are connected to the same.
Thus there are numerous threats which might pose fear in the minds of the people of the society. It is extremely required that they are ensured with the desired level of safety in order to minimize the effect of cyber threats on the society.

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