Saturday, 27 January 2018

Some of the cyber security threats likely to creep in 2018

Computers have been increasingly used in today’s time with the advent of the advanced technology. With this newer advent of advanced technology, there is also an emergence of the newer technology which is termed as the internet. It connects numerous computers from around the world with each other and also to the server computer which provides all the data to the computers retrieving data.

Increasing spread of internet is also leading to the increased chances of the cyber threats to the individuals who are accessing the internet from their personal devices. Any of the loopholes which are present in the connection with the internet is exploited by the hackers in order to gain access to the private information of these individuals which leads to the cyber security threats.
Likely cyber security threats to the cyber world
As we know internet usage is constantly increasing in today’s world. With increasing usage of the computers and internet, chances of cyber threats are also increasing at a rapid rate. One needs to ensure proper security measures in order to deal with the respective situation. We will discuss here few of the threats which are likely going to cause issues of cyber security threats.
1.     Huge Data Breaches: Nowadays there are numerous amount of data being generated. It is required that these data are handled with caution as leakage of these data might result in substantial loss to the individual. We are even required to keep this data in a systemized format in order to ensure that it is available when needed and also ensures the required amount of security.
2.     Ransom ware in the cloud: Many times there are chances that a virus or unwanted program is installed in the cloud computer or remote server. This can cause issues to the computers who tries to access those computers or remote PCs. It is therefore required to keep them secured in order to ensure required cyber security to the individual.
3.     Weapon zing AI: Artificial Intelligence is gaining extreme importance in today’s era. It is mainly due to the fact that it will have much higher capabilities than a normal human being. If this system is mechanized to fight against humans it might lead to great amount of destruction to the life and property. It thereby results in great importance to protect AI from cyber security threats.
4.     Mining crypto currencies: Many hackers in today’s time is targeting the holders of crypto currency. As the prices of crypto currency are observing a substantial rise in recent times we are observing substantial threats to the same. Therefore one needs to find newer ways in which one can save their crypto currencies.
5.     Hacking Elections: We all know that many issues are currently seen during the elections. Different political parties seek unethical means for improving their election conditions. As a result chances of cyber threats increases substantially when there are elections nearby.
6.     Cyber-physical attacks: Many of the hackers are now targeting physical objects by using the advanced technology. Their main targets include electric grids, transportation systems and also include critical infrastructure

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